J.P.Licks Ice Cream, Boston

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If you find yourself in Boston, Massachusetts, may I recommend a visit to J.P.Licks. This funky ice creamery can be found in numerous locations in the city, but we stumbled upon the one on Boylston Street. Deciding it was time for an ice cream after we had worked up an appetite wandering the strip of shops nearby, we ducked inside for a sweet treat.

Pleasantly surprised by the quirky decor, we had a mighty hard time choosing our flavours. I went for the old favourite, cookies and cream, while the husband got a scoop of coffee ice cream. We walked outside, sat down, had a spoonful and quickly realised we had just stumbled upon some of the best ice cream ever. It was unbelievably good, creamy and flavourful. So much so, it felt like I was literally eating cookies and cream. We were disappointed we never had the chance to make it back before we left Boston because we only found out later that this store is yet to branch out across the USA. Never mind, next time we are back in Boston, we’ll be sure to visit again.