The Cheesecake Factory, Los Angeles

One of America’s giant chains, The Cheesecake Factory sells much more than cheesecake. These popular restaurants have one of the biggest menus I have ever seen. From pizza to pasta, steak or burgers, fish or tacos, it literally goes on and on. One of my favourite meals to order is actually a salad.

I know what you’re thinking, but this is not the leafy low calorie salad that may spring to mind. These are huge, generous, tasty salads, doused in sauce with plenty of fantastic additions from bacon or nuts to onion strings, wontons or tortilla strips. I couldn’t come close to ever finishing mine but that’s ok because they do take home packs – I love that.

Oh and I haven’t even mentioned the cheesecake yet! Yes there is cheesecake and yes, it is amazing. I think my favourite is the Fresh Banana Cream Cheesecake, which is served topped with Bavarian cream and freshly sliced bananas. We have tried a few of the cheesecake flavours but sometimes simple is best, especially after you have eaten the house down. Free bread and free refills make The Cheesecake Factory one of our favourite places to visit when in the USA.